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Healthy holiday food

Life-Changing Habits for the Holidays and Beyond

Tuesday, November 19: 6:30 p.m. @ Madison Senior Center. Dr. Becky Muldoon leads this workshop on healthy eating! Free samples of delicious food will be served. How can what we eat lead to a healthier heart and brain, lower risk of disease, and weight loss without dieting? in this session, you’ll learn simple shifts for incorporating more nutritious foods into meals along with the science behind plant nutrition. Your plates will be full and your energy abundant as you eat your way to health.  Read more >

Indigenous communities

Connecticut’s Indigenous Communities

Sunday, November 17 at 4:00 p.m. @ North Madison Congregational Church. Dr. Lucianne Lavin leads this talk in honor of National Native American Heritage Month. Connecticut’s indigenous communities have long, rich histories. Though ravaged by disease, war, poverty, and discrimination, Native American peoples adapted to their constantly changing social landscapes through a series of survival strategies. Their communities remain a vibrant part of Connecticut’s life today. Registration is suggested but not required.

Driveway to parking lot

The lonesome road…

…that leads to a parking lot, which won’t be so lonesome in the summer of 2020 (November 2019).

If at first you don’t succeed…

…at getting the e-book or audiobook you want, try a different source. You’ve got OverDrive/Libby and RBDigital to choose from. (You can also get magazines through RBDigital.)

The old post office in a new location.


The Old Post Office, part of the current library expansion project, looks good in its new location (October 2019).