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Yoga Nidra @ the Library 

Thursday, June 8, 6:30 p.m. at the SML.

Yoga Nidra, also known as “yogic sleep,” is a guided relaxation and rejuvenation practice that is intended to bring deep ease to the mind and body. Anyone can do it! Bring items to make yourself comfortable lying on a carpeted floor for 45 minutes. Can’t lie on the floor? Try it seated. Librarian Claudia Volano is a certified Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra facilitator.

“Chris Picks” for June

Here are this month’s great recommendations from staff member Christopher Jennings Penders! Click on a title to place a hold. To find previous Chris Picks, click on the “What to Read” link at the bottom of this page or type “Chris Picks” into the search bar on our homepage.

Since we are coming up on the height of summer tourist season, I thought June would be an excellent time to devote my book choices to area tourist locations. I hope you will excuse a bit of shameless self-promotion with this latest crop of books. Under “Block Island,” you will see one of the books I have written. Of all the places I have visited, Block Island remains my favorite place ever.


Philip Craig writes mysteries that take place on Martha’s Vineyard.

Alice Hoffman
llumination Night


Rose Connors
I have read all of Rose Connors’ books and having spent some time in Sandwich, Cape Cod, I can say that Ms. Connors describes the area perfectly, so much so that place and setting become a character itself.

Henry Beston
The Outermost House
Being a writer myself, I have often fantasized about going away by myself, cutting myself off from everyone and spending time writing all day. It’s one reason The Outermost House resonates so deeply with me.


As I mentioned above, Block Island is my favorite place to visit. I love reading and writing about it as well.

C. Jennings Penders
Arrivals and Departures: An Etheric Tribute to Block Island

Karen E. Olson

Voices in Transition: A Conversation with Transgender Youth

Wednesday, June 7th, 6:30 p.m. at the SML.

Join Jillian Celentano and a panel of gender-diverse teens who will share what it’s like to be transgender in 2023. Hear personal stories about their journeys, including the good and bad, and how these teens navigate our challenging times. Learn about trans health care, the importance of an emotional support system, and what being an ally actually means.

All CT Reads: “All My Rage” 

Tuesday, June 20, 6:30 p.m. at the SML.

Join our new All CT Reads book club, which focuses on inclusivity, culture, and acceptance, along with a bit of adventure, mystery, and humanity. For our June session, we will be reading Sabaa Tahir’s 2022 novel “All My Rage.” Misbah is a dreamer and storyteller, newly married to Toufiq in an arranged match. After their young lives are shaken by tragedy, they come to the U.S. hoping for a new start.

“Chris Picks” for May

Here are this month’s great recommendations from staff member Christopher Jennings Penders! Click on a title to place a hold. To find previous Chris Picks click on the “What to read” link at the bottom of this page or type “Chris Picks” into the search bar on our homepage.

Nathaniel Philbrick
I love history, having minored in it at Southern CT State University. Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick is another masterpiece by the same author of In the Heart of the Sea.

What Dreams May Come
Richard Matheson
I have said it many times over. What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson should be on the top of everyone’s reading list. The book may change how you look at life and death. It did so for me.

Saint Maybe
Anne Tyler
Saint Maybe is my favorite book by Anne Tyler and I have read most of her published books. Burdened by guilt from a tragedy, teenager Ian Bedloe finds peace and forgiveness at a storefront church. One of the reasons this book resonates so deeply with me is that I feel everyone deserves a second chance and that’s a theme running through this entire book.

Julian May

  1. Jack the Bodiless
  2. Diamond Mask
  3. Magnificat

I have read several of Julian May’s books and this science fiction trilogy is my favorite.

Join us for Scranton Shops! 3 – a fundraiser to benefit Scranton Library

Friday, June 2, 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Scranton Library, Madison

A magical experience of shopping, music, a silent auction, wine and nibbles, and time spent with friends in the beautiful Scranton Library.

Vendor spaces and sponsorship opportunities are available. To donate an item for auction or the mystery tree, please click here.

For more event information, email

Stressing Over Your AP Exam?

Here are 5 great, free resources to help you get that 5: Classic website with helpful videos and tests. This website has past AP exams and questions; click on the above link, the course you’re interested in, then ‘The Exam,’ scroll down and click the link under ‘Past Exam Questions and Scoring Information,’ and voilà you’re all set! Macro Learning has some good TikToks with test-taking tips & other AP exam info.  Their account also has a Linktree that links YouTube videos and other resources. This Reddit post compiles useful websites & videos for different exams.  You can also post on its subreddit (r/APStudents) if you have any questions or even join the linked Discord to vent or decompress after your exam!

The Scranton Library Teen Center – our teen nonfiction section has test prep books you can check out for each AP subject offered at DHHS.  We also have multiple study rooms perfect for solo or group study sessions.

Here’s wishing all students the best of luck on their exams!