Sensory backpacks now available!

The newest addition to our popular Library of Things is a set of sensory backpacks
for use at the Library or at home. These backpacks include weighted lap pads,
fidget tools, balance cushions, ear protectors, and sunglasses. These tools will enable library users of
all ages to self-soothe and stimulate in order to regulate their sensory experiences
within the library, or any other environments they find challenging.

Libraries have long dedicated themselves as places where all people should feel
welcome. Developing these sensory backpacks is one more step towards ensuring
that all Madison residents and Scranton Library users feel a sense of ownership
and belonging to this space.

For Adult/Teen backpacks, please see the Library of Things display next to the
Borrowing Desk. For children’s backpacks, please stop by the Children’s
Department Info Desk. Thank you to the Pardee Youth Fund for making this
project possible!

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