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The Yarn Whisperer

The Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes. September 2013. Crafts & Memoir Among the How to Knit, and How to Knit Socks from the Top Down was nestled this sweet little tome, which is ostensibly about knitting but is really about life. Of course it probably helps if you are a knitter should you decide to read […]

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room by Lori Schiller & Amanda Bennett. June 1994. Memoir Mental illness has always carried a stigma. That’s why this book is so unique and important for people to read. Author Lori Schiller opens up her private world to everyone as she descends into madness. In the late 1970’s, she started the transformation […]


Nevertheless by Alec Baldwin. April 2017. Memoir This memoir details the life of outspoken actor Alec Baldwin. The highs and lows of his childhood to present day experience is told in a brutally honest and fearless manner. His style of writing is fluent, witty and revealing. He is a sensitive, pragmatic man and has clearly […]

The Nightingale

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. February 2015. Historical Fiction This is the remarkable story of two sisters and their relationship which is shaped and wounded from their childhood and WWII. It is a book that I couldn’t put down. The story illuminates and celebrates the role of women during WWII, unlike any other book that […]

All My Puny Sorrows

All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews. November 2014. Literary Fiction Why write a review for a book that took me eight months to finish? Let me explain. All My Puny Sorrows is about depression, love, sisterhood, holding on and letting go. It’s as gut wrenching as it is laugh out loud funny. Correction: way […]


Divergent by Veronica Roth. May 2011. Science Fiction Even though Divergent is considered a Young Adult novel, as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed the story. When books become movies, I always read the book first, even if it means waiting a long time to watch the movie. Such is the case with Divergent for me. […]

Her Nightly Embrace

Her Nightly Embrace by Adi Tantimedh. November 2016. Thriller/Suspense These four short stories involve Ravi and his friends and family. I applaud the author’s use of mystical as well as colorful characters throughout the book and look forward to the next edition of his work. Ravi is a handsome young man still searching for his […]

Smart Baseball

Smart Baseball by Keith Law. April 2017. Sports/Baseball When Moneyball was published in 2003, statistical analysis in Major League Baseball had yet to become mainstream. The Oakland A’s were portrayed as radical idealists, with their business-by-numbers approach to winning seen as a threat to classic baseball values. Now, in 2017, every MLB team has a […]

No Summit Out of Sight

No Summit Out of Sight by Jordan Romero. May 2014. Sports/Outdoors Lots of people enjoy mountain climbing as a recreational sport but a few are passionate about climbing and strive to join the elite group of people who have climbed the highest mountain on each of the continents. This is the story of one such […]

Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann. April 2017. True Crime Incredibly riveting story of how the Osage tribe was systematically exploited and murdered by guardians and friends for their wealth. That this occurred within the last 100 years is unfathomable. As I was reading I was constantly shaking my head at the awful […]