Parenting Kits

The Children’s Department’s New Parenting Kits are available at the Library on a first-come, first-served basis. Kits include books, media, and sometimes toys related to the topic.

So far, we have 10 kits, but we’re growing! If you have suggestions for more topics you’d like to see in our Kit section, stop by our desk or email us at

Families come in many different forms, and when adoption happens, it is a big part of a family’s story.  Learn about adoption and the love that makes a family in these books.
Feeling anxious is a typical and normal reaction to stress.  Understanding the way anxiety presents itself helps the reader gain a sense of control over a situation.
Bedtime Stories
Time and again research shows that sleep is one of the most important components of well-being.  Help your child gently fall to sleep with our collection of bedtime stories.
Bullying can have negative impacts on all involved.  Reading about bullying can help your child recognize bullying behaviors in oneself and others while learning tools to stop the behavior in its tracks.  
Getting divorced can affect a family in many different ways.  With this kit, we aim to help your child identify their emotions and nurture their sense of belonging as the family dynamic shifts.
Why do we have so many different moods?  With materials covering topics from happiness to hurt feelings, this kit can help children understand their emotions and express how they’re feeling in healthy ways.
Grief is a difficult process to navigate at any age.  The books in this kit can help your child understand the stages of grief, and feel safe and supported through trying times.

New Baby
Welcoming a baby can be both an exciting time for kids… and a challenging one.  The stories in this kit are meant to make children feel secure in their families as they welcome a little one into the mix.
Potty Training
Learning to use the toilet is easy for some and not as easy for others.  Through supportive words and images, encourage your child to navigate the potty at their own pace. 
Love is love!  Within the pages of these books, learn how to embrace your own unique identity and become an ally to your fellow humans!