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Construction Begins.

March 2019: Old Post Office moved across parking lot.

Photos: Let the sun shine in!

Front of building is cleared to make way for a new septic system. The Henry Bacon Building, E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, is revealed. Henry Bacon went on to design the Lincoln Memorial.  Read more >

Art, Unearthed.

January 2019: We found this painting, artist unknown, in our move showing the front of the original E.C. Scranton Memorial Library, designed by Henry Bacon, the architect of the Lincoln Memorial. The painting is hung in the library’s temporary space at 1250 Durham Road.

And Then There Was One.

December 2018: Out of eight companies, Enterprise Builders wins the bid to become the contractor for the library expansion project.

Open for Business!

November 2018: The Library opens in the North Madison temporary location.

Photos: Cheers and kudos all ’round!

Our first book lovers in temporary library (Kid’s Department).

Our first book lover in temporary library (Adult Department).  Read more >