Stressing Over Your AP Exam?

Here are 5 great, free resources to help you get that 5: Classic website with helpful videos and tests. This website has past AP exams and questions; click on the above link, the course you’re interested in, then ‘The Exam,’ scroll down and click the link under ‘Past Exam Questions and Scoring Information,’ and voilà you’re all set! Macro Learning has some good TikToks with test-taking tips & other AP exam info.  Their account also has a Linktree that links YouTube videos and other resources. This Reddit post compiles useful websites & videos for different exams.  You can also post on its subreddit (r/APStudents) if you have any questions or even join the linked Discord to vent or decompress after your exam!

The Scranton Library Teen Center – our teen nonfiction section has test prep books you can check out for each AP subject offered at DHHS.  We also have multiple study rooms perfect for solo or group study sessions.

Here’s wishing all students the best of luck on their exams!

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