Book Groups – What Are They Reading?

Scranton Memorial Library Book Groups:

Scranton Library Book Club – Monday Lit     2/26
Scranton Library Book Club – Tuesday Life After Life   2/27
Men’s Book Club  – Destiny of the Republic   2/19

Other books that book groups are reading this month:

The Children Act
Underground Railroad
Secrets of a Charmed Life
The Gentleman in Moscow
Paris Was Ours
Sixth extinction
Tulip Fever
Space Between Us
Becoming Ms. Burton
Devil in the White City
Bridal Chair
I Kill the Mockingbird
Life After Life
Black Water Lilies
The Girl With Seven Names
The Passing of the Armies
Hillbilly Elegy
Woman in Cabin 10
Exit West
Clementine, the life of Mrs. Winston Churchill
The Group
New York: the novel
Vision of Light
Ants Among Elephants
Destiny of the Republic


♣Book Clubs:

The Scranton Library can provide books for each member of your book club every month.

If you give us a list of the titles you will be reading several months in advance, library staff can have them ready for you in time for your book discussion meeting. (Brand new “hot” titles may not be possible to obtain.)

The Library also needs a list of your book club members. A copy of each book will be requested for each member. Members will receive a phone call or email when their copies arrive.

If you’re not part of a book club already, you can join a club that meets at the library.

For more information, please call the library at (203) 245-7365 and ask to speak to our Interlibrary Loan Department or send an email to