The Scranton Library welcomes class visits. Please call in advance to make arrangements with Miss Jane Ash, Children’s Librarian 203-245-8722 ext. 15 or e-mail Ashj@scrantonlibrary.org

school busGuidelines for a Class Visit

  • Children will only be allowed to check out books if they have their library card with them the day of the class visit.
  • Children will only be allowed to check out 2 books or magazines per visit.
  • DVD’s and other media may not be checked out on a class visit unless the parent is with the child.
  • We encourage the children not to lend their card to their friends. We hold the parent responsible for what is on a child’s card.

If your students need to get library cards or need replacements, you can send home the registration form to be filled out by a parent. You will need to return the forms to me at least two days before a class visit so we can process the library cards.We then will issue cards the day of the visit.

Suggested Actitivities for a Class Visit

  • a story time
  • book talks for older students
  • scavenger hunts
  • research
  • tours of the library

  Help for Teachersapple and ruler

We can develop bibliographies on a unit of study or set aside books for a particular project.

We will come to your classroom for story times or book talks.

As always if you have other suggestions or needs please contact the

Children’s Librarian Jane Ash,  at 203-245-8722 ext. 15 or Ashj@madisonct.org.