Program Room Gallery 2015
gallery pic

Gallery: 51’x17’x7′
Jan: LION’s Club
Feb: MAS – member show
April: Madison Public Schools
May: Madison Art Society: juried show
June:  Guilford Art League
July:  Brendan Cunningham
Aug:  Emily Bett
Sept:  Wednesday Watercolor group
Oct:  MAS Board Show
Nov: Coastal Camera Club
Dec: Circle of Care: “Life Within the Journey”

Adult Room Art Space
(above public computers)
Please ask Tom Piezzo about availability and guidelines for this space.


Bauer Park Contest

January 2015: John Sargent
February 2015: Madison Art Society
March 2015: VISTA
April 2015: Raury Duffy
May 2015: Madison Art Society
June 2015: Dianne Roberts
July 2015: Brendan Cunningham
August 2015: Andrew Pighills
September 2015: Kathryn S. Vause
October 2015: Bauer Park Photo Contest Winners (Oct 20 – 31)
November 2015: Marge Casey

January 2016: Chris Jennings Penders
February 2016: Madison Art Society
March 2016: VISTA
April 2016: Beverley Schirmeier
May 2016: Madison Art Society
July 2016: Madeleine Zagoria